Top Tips for Long Distance Driving

There are a lot of reports now that state there are increasing numbers of people who travel long distances in their cars for holidays and leisure trips instead of planes or trains. There is a real joy in driving long distance and even on the roads today, which can get really congested especially during school holidays, there is a real sense of freedom and adventure. The roads unfold ahead of you and you are able to chart your own course and sometimes that is the most exciting part of an adventure.

Thing is, without proper planning, your exciting adventure can easily turn to a nightmare. Accidents happen when care isn’t taken and we all read about long distance car and coach journeys that end badly when crashes happen. If you’re on the road making sure you have a notebook with phone numbers for bus coach damage repair and the number of your car service repairs would be handy.

Keep your car in great condition. If you keep servicing your car regularly and check the basics before a long journey you’re more unlikely to have an accident. Checking the oil, water and fuel levels before a long journey and checking tyre pressure and that the lights work can really only help. Having a regular service especially before you go on a long distance journey can ensure that your car is in great physical shape and able to withstand the demands of the road. If not, that’s where the backup phone numbers in the boot come in.

Pack an emergency bag for the boot. Not just with torches, folded cones and batteries, but with spare fuses and bulbs, a tyre inflator, a litre of engine oil and an atlas. You could also keep an emergency overnight bag with bottles of water, blankets and cereal bars and even a shovel for those random breakdowns in winter that can happen. Plan your route carefully and make sure that you are going past a decent tourist attraction or two while you’re on your way. It can of course add time to the journey but you’ll definitely enjoy the trip!

Taking regular breaks is one of the cardinal rules of long distance driving. Taking a 15 minute break every two hours to avoid exhaustion is smart as exhaustion is the biggest cause of driver-related road accidents. As long journeys can get quite tiring and let’s be honest, boring, what about some entertainment along the way? We aren’t suggesting playing catch or i-spy, try word games and guessing games and sing alongs!

Dodging the motorways and going the scenic route is a definite option for a long journey. If you happen to be travelling on the school holiday weeks then you are well aware that so is every other parent in the country. Taking the less travelled roads mean that you can do your best to avoid the traffic and too much congestion.