Life Living in a Caravan

Are you tired heading home to your everyday scenery? Why not live in a mobile home like a Caravan? Let’s take the time to discuss the adventurous, interesting set ups, and advantages on how Caravan living caters to your basic necessities in life. There are also different types of caravans that might fit the needs of the family just like those from

Let’s start up by answering basic necessity questions. Let’s talk about food. You would ask, “How does one cook when living in a Caravan?”  Most caravans have a normal gas stove. Of course, it has to be a little compact so it cannot cook the biggest of meals. Although, your everyday dishes that would have you cook your daily catch from the sea or chunks of meat, those can easily be accommodated. As long as it fits in your Caravan’s refrigerator, you can store foods like quick cook pastas, veggies, stir fry noodles and the like. Food won’t be a problem for your house on wheels.

Let’s move along to talks about shelter. Basic law that one should observe in any county is that a caravan should always be connected to a vehicle in order for it to be a taxable property and for it not to be classified as an obstruction.  If your concern is about the weather, Caravans can get to be really cozy and relaxing, due to the natural weather given by Mother Nature or by the regulating heat given by an electric heater. And if your vehicle is on the go, it really is hard to beat the steady road vibrations you get when your vehicle speeds through the smooth terrain of the endless pavements of your scenic travels, which you get all sleepy after a while.


Touching base on water and clothing. As far as your water supply goes for drinking, you should be good with a 29-40 liter container, offered in your everyday home depots. This too can be connected to the Caravans water pump and can be attached or sucked in if needed for other uses. Others get creative and create their own water system by installing a van water system which carries a good 70 little water tank. You can get these heavy-duty water containers at bargain sites such as or in caravan specialty shops Magnum or O’leary. I’m sure your nature tripping will get you close to fresh water rivers or streams as well.  As far as clothing goes, most folk who live in Caravans either patronize laundromats or wash their clothes using different waterbeds. Interesting enough, salt is actually a good washing agent that can bring out the color in your clothes. Having that been said, washing clothes by the sea is pretty effective. It is said to act like a laundry detergent but not as fast.  And of course, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the great sunny outdoors will help you dry your laundry.

So, if you are passionate about travelling and would not want to end your journey in a few days or nights, Caravan living covers all our basic needs with the earth’s breathtaking places just outside your doorstep. Caravans or motorhomes go with different sizes and styles and one thing good about it is it can be DIY like the normal homes. Check this site