7 Tips for Overnight Bus Travel

Taking an overnight bus while travelling is often a fab option. You can cover a lot of the journey overnight as the roads are much emptier than in the day and you can save a lot of money on a flight or a hotel stay. While there are positives there are negatives to nighttime coach or bus travel. It is a challenge as your body is used to a soft warm bed at night not an upright seat. In this guide we have put together seven tips for travelling overnight on a coach.

  • Staying safe is key. Check the route you’re going and look up any road works that may be happening. A lot of people don’t realise that roadworks happen overnight in the most part because they’re asleep and not travelling. Check the route you’re on isn’t common for robberies or accidents at night. You don’t want to be sat at 3am on the side of the road waiting for a company to come out that specialise in bus and coach damage repair.
  • Go first class. If your coach company offers first class seating (as some double decker coaches do) then go big. When you have to travel overnight, comfort is as important as anything else!
  • Make sure your seat is in a comfortable position. If you’re sitting near the window you have the option of leaning against it for a sleep but if the passenger sat next to you is also asleep this will not do you any favours if you are bursting for a wee! The middle of the bus is generally a safer place to sit as the chances of serious injury in an accident is minimised.
  • Be vigilant. It is so easy to fall asleep on a warm coach. You’re essentially being rocked to sleep in a very warm and comfortable chair and that can be a green light for a thief. Wrap the handle of your bag around your wrist and cross your arms over the top. Turn it toward you so no pockets are facing outward. Otherwise invest in a bum bag that straps to you and keep your valuables in there.
  • Energy drinks and snacks for the journey are an absolute essential. Try not to pack water, as they make you pee, so packing energy drinks like lucozade will keep your electrolytes replenished without making you need to go. Bladder being empty for longer means you aren’t disturbing other passengers or using a yucky coach bathroom.
  • Bring tissues. Most bathrooms on coaches are severely lacking in tissue paper so having your own in your bag means you are unlikely to get caught short if you absolutely have to go.
  • Night rides last 6-12 hours for the most part so make sure your headphones are noise cancelling. This is for your comfort as well as that of those around you. Most people can’t read on a moving coach as the motion can make you sick, so listening to your own music or show on an iPad means you can block out the snores of other passengers.